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 "I love this place!"

                                                        Erin McCarley

Erin McCarley "Love, Save the Empty"

                  What They're Saying

"Downstairs Live was AMAZING!! One of the best venues and one of the best shows we have ever played."
Davin McCoy

"Can't get over how special last night's show at Downstairs Live was for us. Real talk: every now and then a traveling band needs a breath of fresh air. We got ours last night. Thanks to everyone involved!"

"I'm trying to find the right words to describe just how great last night was. Thank you for finding me and for asking me to play.  I am honored to have been included in your history of artists at Downstairs Live.Thank you for your hospitality, for feeding us, and giving us that unforgettable experience. 
Your experience for musicians is exceptional - and I'm impressed at just how well you and your guests invite new artists. Thank you for my favorite gig of the US so far!"........Kevin Rowe

"Really!?!?!?...Ridiculously Wonderful!!!".......Michael Tolcher

"I've never played a venue with an atmosphere quite like Downstairs Live; a nice, intimate setting, great food, awesome sound, and a host and hostess who really, really care about treating the crowd and musicians right. Thanks, Chuck and Heather! Had a blast and I hope to see you guys again soon!".....
Matt Duke

"You make the whole world shine!".....A guest

"Well I seem to have found the holy grail of music venues and it is called Downstairs Live.".....Jay Nash

"Like many musicians, I grew up in the basement playing songs with all its simplicity and intimacy...but do not be fooled, the Downstairs Live stage has the soul of Madison Square Garden...bravo for all your passion.".....Ryan Star

"Downstairs Live is a very cool thing."......Angie Aparo

"Thank you so much. This was one of the best nights EVER."
                                                                                 Freddy Bokkenheuser

"I was at Downstairs Live last night and I have to say it was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed every moment from beginning to end! The atmosphere and the music was transcending.  I had one of the most incredible nights last night.  I wanted to thank you for turning your house into a place that is so unbelievably wonderful! You can feel the love and great spirit throughout the whole place! I can't wait to come back again...Thank you!!".....A Guest

"My oh my I love this place!".....Anderson East

"Downstairs Live is Heaven On Earth.".....Andrew Ripp

"Hope to be back more often than the cicadas...P.S. your grits are GANGSTA!"                                           Michael League

"Chuck & Heather know how to get down.".....Samuel Gregg

"This was the best venue yet.".....Kim Coy

"The night we spent at Downstairs Live was one of my favorites this year."

                                                              Ian Axel

"The energy and talent on your stage were both amazing!".....A guest

"The grits, people, and vibe were amaaaaaaazing!".....Lucy Woodward

"I'm speechless! Utterly amazing! Thank you!.....A guest

"You guys RAWK!".....Eliot Bronson

"The best venue I have played so far.".....O.T. Turbold

I have never been to such an amazing venue, concert, etc. in my life.  Yours tops them ALL!!!.....A Guest

Going on the road is often anything from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Downstairs Live is the Sublime. Chuck and Heather have found a way to

create an exclusive, hip music venue in the most outrageous place of all, their

beautiful home!! And it rivals any small venue I've ever been to in LA,

Nashville, or NY. Performing there was fun and loose, intimate, spontaneous,

and an all round great time. The audience was enthusiastic and fun. It is a

place an artist goes to really feel appreciated and remember why they got

into the business in the first place. I am looking forward to my return

                                                              comedian Lynne Koplitz

"The most beautiful room I have ever played.".....Derek Murphy

"Long live Downstairs Live!".....A guest

"Downstairs Live is one of the most incredible places we have seen."          

                                                                                            Thomas Woolwine

"Loved playing here. You have a great thing going.".....Ari Hest

"Thanks for an incredible night of the tour."  Matt Hires

If there was a way to duplicate what you and Heather do at Downstairs Live

throughout the country, my job would be a lot easier. It’s always a pleasure

to work with you.”.....
Doug Buttleman

"Wow...amazing!"..... A guest

It's a wonderful thing you do.".....David Ford

"This is awesome...please have me back.".....Angel Taylor

"Downstairs Live ROCKS MY WORLD.".....Josh Hoge

“Downstairs Live is one of the coolest live performance venues I have ever

played. Great room, great people, AMAZING night! Downstairs Live is an

oasis compared to the regular live venue grind.".....Brendan James

"The wait was worth it.".....A guest

“Best listening room in the south, or the north for that matter.” 
Brian Vander Ark

 "Last night was the best time I've had in a long time. Thanks Downstairs Live."     Andrew Hoover

"Forever will I remember.".....Owen O'Mahony

"Such a wonderful thing here.".....Aslyn

"Thank you...It was a great night.".....Tim Brantley

"Chuck and Heather are more hospitable and caring than any club owner I've ever met.".....Dean Fields

"I love this place! See you soon.".....Dallin Applebaum

"One of the most memorable shows I have ever played was at Downstairs live."
                                                                                                                                               Matt Lowell

"I love this place. It inspires me. Absolute magic.".....Serena Ryder

"Thank guys do it right." .....Matthew Perryman Jones

"It's an honor.".....Tony Lucca

"A quick glimpse at Downstairs Live, is like a look into the future. Downstairs

Live is individual people presenting care, quality, and art on their own accord.

To me it's emblematic for many of the changes taking place in the music

industry today.".....Todd Carey  

"Can I live here?...please?"..... A guest

The following was written by Augusta writer Steven Uhles after he attended his first Downstairs Live show in September 2011:

Basement concerts keep magic in music

It’s possible I’m about to make an Augusta-area concert promoter angry. I’m going to tell the world what an excellent job he’s doing. However, because of the rather private nature of the concerts he presents, I’m not going to tell people where these shows, which take place in a well-appointed basement somewhere between the middle and edge of nowhere, take place. I’m not going to post a link for tickets or list upcoming dates. I’m not doing any of the things I usually do when I discover something I love.

Here’s why.

These basement concerts have been going on for several years now, gaining popularity and an established audience through word-of-mouth, a unique atmosphere and experience and consistent musical quality. They always sell out – almost instantly. My fear, and I would imagine the fear of the mysterious musical benefactor, is that should too many people become aware of these special concerts, they would lose some of the private party vibe that make them so special.

The other reason I’ve decided to treat these shows enigmatically is because I believe they offer a rare opportunity to experience what, historically, was one of music’s great appeals.

The element of surprise.

Technology has robbed music fans of most opportunities they once had to be surprised. Streaming songs, quick access to reviews and myriad other forms of instant gratification have stripped that moment of finding a favorite record flipping through stacks of LPs. It robs us of the exhilaration of tuning into a late-night AM station and being offered the gift of a new song that becomes an old favorite.

Those moments are, for the most part, gone. But they still exist in the basement. They still exist in this special room where people buy tickets not because of the artist, but the experience. They exist because of this small community where people gather because they love music.

            Steven Uhles







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