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"The night we spent at Downstairs Live was one of my favorites this year."

                                                                  Ian Axel of "A Great Big World"

A Great Big World  "Pacific Sun"

Our Story

     First and foremost, we take deep pride in creating the perfect concert experience for both the artist and our guests. 
Downstairs Live is a very unique private listening room in the basement of a house in South Carolina. Our shows are basically elaborate "music themed" dinner parties. You have to see it to believe it, and you have to experience it to understand it. Since 2004, we've connected with hundreds of music friends from across the southeast. These respectful people are the ones who attend our shows and have enabled us to create the perfect listening room...always filled with the perfect audience. This has been achieved by "word of mouth" growth only. My goal for each show is simply create a music experience that both the artist and my music friends rave about for years; with that concept in mindDownstairs Live has proven to be one of the most well-respected listening rooms around

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Our Past Performers

Serena Ryder
Mike Farris
Rachel Platten
A Great Big World
 Erin McCarley
Tristan Macintosh
Emerson Hart 3
  Gabe Dixon 3
Noah Guthrie 2
The Alternate Routes
Tim Halperin 2
 Landon Pigg
Emily West
Ben Rector
Matt Brown
Zeke Duhon 2
Cassidy and The Music 3
Brother Sal 2
Tony Lucca 4
Marc Scibilia
Melodime 3
Jordy Searcy 2
Anderson East 3
 Brett Young
JD Eicher 

Jillette Johnson
Lucy Woodward 2
Toby Lightman 6
Sean McConnell 3
Ryan Star 3 
Andrew Belle
Chuck Adams
Brian Vander Ark 4
Angie Aparo 3
Brendan James 7
Justin Klump
Ernie Halter 
Erick Baker 2
K.S. Rhoads 2
Nate Currin 2
Josh Hoge 5
 Ari Hest 3
 Lynne Koplitz 4
Isaac Russell
Cary Pierce
Logan Brill
David Ford 3
Cassidy Ford
Jarrod Dickenson
Michael Castro
Shannon LaBrie 3
Ben Danaher 3
  Jay Nash
  Matt Duke 2
   Jeanne Jolly 4  
  Megan Davies 

  Keaton Simons
  Patrick Davis 5
 Matthew Perryman Jones 5
  Tim Brantley 5
Steve Everett 5
Skilyr Hicks 3

Emily Hearn 2

  Andrew Hoover
  Davin McCoy 4
   Bain Mattox 5
  Matt Hires 3
Matt Lowell
Creede Williams
  Lux Land 3
Nathan Angelo 7
Sam Burchfield 2
Christian Lopez
    Daphne Willis   
Chris Ayer
Kristen May
Andrew Ripp
Steve Moakler
Matthew Mayfield  3
Angel Taylor 2
Angel Snow
Kevin Rowe 2
Michael Tolcher 2
Brad Passons 3  
   Todd Carey
  Matthew Kahler 3
    Sara Kelley
   The Brilliant Inventions
     Chuck Carrier 2 
   Jeremy Ezell
Ken Yates 2
Brian Dunne 2
David Berkeley
Kyle Smith
 Dean Fields 3
Brian Jarvis
Risa Binder
 Ruskin Yeargain
Patrick Taylor
McKenna Hydrick
John Kolbeck
   Carey Murdock   
  Mikey Wax
  Chase Coy
   Count Kellam 


Home Owner...Chuck

Sound Technician Ruskin

All things video...Lucien LaFavor.... 

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